Social Media Management


  • Introduction

    Complete analysis of your current social media account and procedures.

  • Strategize

    Its all based on goals! You want to convert followers to sales? What about keeping existing clients happy and bringing in referrals? Many times its all about brand awareness and everything else falls in to place. Take this plan and manage it yourself or keep us involved to evolve your program continuously.

  • Milestones

    Depending on the complexity of the project, we will present deadlines and race towards your ROI!

  • Finalizing

    We hope there isn’t an end! Where there was the original opportunity, we hope to find more potential revenue and keep building, maintaining for continuous growth!

Social Media Management

Business leaders will argue that without a strong social media following, you will not be close to your potential. It is not as easy as updating a status, or uploading a simple photo from your smart phone. We want to customize a strategy specific to your goals and your target market. Whether you just want to delegate the tedious tasks or start something special to grab that low hanging fruit, lets become “friends.”



  • Complete Social Media Analysis
  • 3 Accounts Management Package
    *Includes rapid response to customers & a posting schedule. (reg. $300)

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