Marketing Consulting


  • Introduction

    Discuss the idea, expectations & specific goals. We really want to get in your head! Also see what you have done in the past.

  • Present several options

    All this to confirm we are on the same page. Many times the campaign will involve your team and we need to make sure everyone is on board. This is where the project really starts to take off!

  • Milestones

    Depending on the complexity of the project, we will present deadlines and race towards your ROI!

  • Finalizing

    We hope there isn’t an end! Where there was the original opportunity, we hope to find more potential revenue and keep building, maintaining for continuous growth. Get prepared to see an awesome report and measure the results, hopefully this will help beyond this project!

Brand & Marketing Consulting

Todays definition of “MARKETING”  can be the most generic term out there, but it remains the largest expense for major companies. We have run companies on $100 annually with successful results, however there are many businesses that exceed 25% of there revenue in advertising expenses. We believe every dollar spent deserves a purpose and eventually a great ROI. Every expense is well documented and precisely calculated.


Schedule a brainstorming session and lets get started on your next project!