• Purpose

    Discuss the idea, expectations & specific goals. We really want to get in your head!

  • Schedule

    Much more time goes into preparation because execution is limited to, at most, a few days. A detailed preparation plan is presented as well as presentation options that fit your budget.

  • Lets Party

    If its a presentation with audio visual, we have back up plans for back up plans to avoid that cringe worth “technical difficulties.” For sales events, you can be there’ll be donuts and everyone involves will be in high spirits to execute the plan!

  • Follow up

    Many hours invested in preparation, then the event is over in a blink of an eye… Follow up is where all the results are made. Each contact made at the expo needs immediate attention. A thank you card goes a long way after a client appreciation night. Also… When is the next event 🙂

Event Planning

Event planning falls under several categories and all have great impacts on your company. Internal events for your team morale or marketing events that convert to sales, we got you covered.



  • Service Trips
    Take your team, large or small on a trip to serve a community. A fantastic way to give back to the community and make your team more of a family.
  • Customer Appreciation
    $12-20 pp
    Your whole office comes, all your VIP clients are invited… Mix with Hors d’oeuvre & cocktail with light music. Everyone can mingle and a great way to involve non-sales team members!

Schedule a brainstorming session and lets get started on your next project!